Computer Replacement Program

Computer Replacement Program

The Social Science Departments Computer Replacement Program provides one computer to eligible employees every 5 years. The program is open to ladder faculty, continuing lecturers and career staff members who are paid from general funds.

Program Summary 

For ladder faculty and continuing lecturers, you can submit a replacement request through the LS IT service desk:

1. Before submitting a request, review the list of available models. For other more expensive models, you can contribute funds from other sources (e.g., startup funds, some grant funds, etc.)

2. Submit your request to the LS IT service desk. We will verify your eligibility. Be sure to mark the model you would like to request.

For career staff, we work directly with the CAOs and managers for computer replacement.

Computer Replacement FAQ (Social Sciences)


The Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies Computer Replacement Program provides one computer to eligible faculty every 4 years and one computer every 5 years for other eligible groups.  LS IT will email you when you are eligible for replacement with information and equipment choices.