Our Services

Overview of Services

We are here to help out! This page outlines the services we provide to the faculty, staff and students in the Letters and Science Dean's Office, Social Science Departments, Arts and Cultural Studies, and Languages and Literatures.


Computational Research Service

The Computational Research Service (CRS, formerly the Social Science Data Service or SSDS) provides quantitative computing, consulting and data services for the social sciences.  As part of the College of Letters and Science, the CRS provides cost effective, specialized resources in support of quantitative social scientists.

LS IT Roles Management

The LS Roles Management application provides a simple, intuitive interface for managing who has access to IT resources like logging into computers, accessing file shares, printing to printers, etc.

Websites and Web Hosting

This page describes the website and web hosting options available from LS IT, along with information about additional options from other service providers.

Poster Printing

Poster Printing

LS IT offers poster printing on a recharge basis. This service is only available to affiliates of the Social Science Department.

Print Services

Print Services

Services related to printing, including emergency printing, print quotas, and poster printing.

LS Remote Applications

LS offers a suite of remote applications, including Stata, to our customers via Microsoft's RemoteApp technology.

VPN (Remote Access)

The LS VPN (Virtual Private Network) service enables faculty, staff and grad students to securely access office computers, shared printers, file servers, and other network services from anywhere.

LS Computer Replacement Program

The goal of this program is to ensure that employees in the departments supported by LS IT have the tools they need to perform their administrative and teaching duties. The program is open to ladder faculty, continuing lecturers and career staff members who are paid from general funds.