Guest and Visitor Access

Guest and Visitor Access

This article explains the various options for guests and visitors to obtain access to UC Davis systems, including wireless networks, logging into computers, Library privileges, etc.

Guest Wireless Access

For guests who just need access to the campus wireless networks (Moobilenet, MoobilenetX, and eduRoam), there are two options:

  1. If your guest is from an institution that participates in eduRoam, they should be able to connect to the eduRoam wireless network at UC Davis using their credentials from their home institution. Participating institutions include UCLA, UCI, UCSD, UCSC, UCSF and many other educational institutions both in the US and international. You can find the list of participating institutions here:
  2. You can set up a guest wireless account by following the process at this web address:

Visitor Access

For visitors who need access beyond just the wireless networks, you can create a UC Davis computing account for the visitor using the Temporary Affiliate process. Temporary Affiliate accounts can last up to one year and can be renewed indefinitely. To create a Temporary Affiliate account, a UC Davis sponsor (any career employee) can initiate the process at this web address:

One caution about Temporary Affiliate accounts: if your visitor will eventually become a registered student or employee at UC Davis, it is imperative that the information they provide during the TAF process exactly match the information they provide for their employment or student registration. Any mismatch in the information can lead to duplicate accounts, which are difficult to resolve.