Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance Schedule

We schedule regular maintenance windows for our IT infrastructure. During these windows, we apply vendor-recommended upgrades and patches. During these scheduled maintenance windows, services may be disrupted. (Old Name BIG Fix, now TEM)

Client Computers

Monthly (once every 30 days)

Restarting your computer periodically is critical to ensure that important security and stability patches are applied. Just installing patches is not sufficient: you must also restart the computer for most patches to be fully applied.

For our client computers, LS IT subscribes to the Aggie Desktop patching service, which uses BigFix to push patches out to computers regularly. The Aggie Desktop service does not force computer restarts, but it does send out monthly (once every 30 days) reminders to restart your computer to ensure that patches are applied. You can find more information about Aggie Desktop restart reminders at:


LS IT File and Print Services

Friday, Midnight-3AM, as needed

The LS IT file and print servers will are restarted to apply patches during this window, as needed.