LS Computer Replacement Program (Social Science Departments)

LS Computer Replacement Program

The goal of this program is to ensure that employees of the Social Science Departments have the tools they need to perform their administrative and teaching duties. The program is open to ladder faculty, continuing lecturers and career staff members who are paid from general funds.

About the Program

The College of Letters and Science funds this program to provide a replacement computer every five (5) years. 

The program is not available for research staff or others who are paid from grant funds.

How do I Get a New Computer Under this Program?

For ladder faculty and continuing lecturers, you can submit a replacement request through the LS IT service desk:

1. Before submitting a request, review the list of fully-covered available models. For other more expensive models, you can contribute funds from other sources (e.g., startup funds, some grant funds, etc.)

2. Submit your request to the LS IT service desk. We will verify your eligibility. Be sure to mark the model you would like to request.

For career staff, we work directly with the CAOs and managers for computer replacement.

What If I Don't Need a Replacement Computer Right Now?

Is your current computer still meeting your needs? Then there is no need to submit a replacement request right now to participate in the computer replacement program: you can submit your request when you're ready to get a new computer. You can return to this website to submit a request when you are ready.

When Will I Receive My Replacement Computer?

The typical lead time from the request is placed with LS IT is 3-6 weeks. Primarily, this is the lead time for our vendors to deliver the computers to us.

What If I Want Something Other than the Standard Models?

The goal of this program is to ensure that LS employees have the tools they need for administrative and teaching duties, rather than research. However, we do offer some premium packages that are not fully covered by the program. The additional cost not covered by the program will be listed with the premium packages.

Costs for premium models beyond those covered by this program must be funded by department or other university funding sources, such as grant funds or discretionary accounts.

Other Questions?

Please contact LS IT (see footer for contact information).