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Research Computing - Language for Grants

Many grants ask for a brief statement of the research computing services available at UC Davis. The following short statement can be used for this purpose for researchers served by Letters and Science IT:

LS IT Tuesday Tips Newsletter

LS IT publishes an every-other-week Tuesday Tips newsletter to inform our clients about upcoming IT service changes and provide tips for making the best use of technology at UC Davis.

Guest and Visitor Access

This article explains the various options for guests and visitors to obtain access to UC Davis systems, including wireless networks, logging into computers, Library privileges, etc.

Personal Computer Purchases

I'm planning to purchase a computer personally (on my own funds, not University funds). What do you recommend?

Welcome to UC Davis - IT Services Introduction

This document provides a quick summary of IT services available at UC Davis aimed at new faculty, staff, and graduate students. Learn about setting up your UC Davis computing account and email, getting a new computer, available software, file storage and backup, etc.

Who Supports What at UC Davis?

As a highly distributed campus, there are many IT support groups at UC Davis. While LS IT is always happy to assist you with finding the best resources for your needs, this page provides information on the major areas of responsibility for various IT groups.

Copyright and You (DMCA)

What you do on the campus network can be traced back to you, individually. Be smart about what you choose to download or share when using UC Davis network resources.

IT Purchasing Whitepaper

We frequently receive questions about why we prefer UC- and UC Davis-contracted vendors over non-contracted vendors, even when the non-contracted vendor may offer items at (seemingly) lower prices. This whitepaper provides some context for our purchasing policies.