Editing a front page static text portlet

Editing a front page static text portlet

Some of our websites have a static text portlet on the front page. These instructions cover editing that portlet.

1) Get logged in



2). Scroll down to the manage portlets button and click "Manage Portlets."

manage portlets


3) This brings up the manage portlets window.  Choose the portlet you want to edit.  In this case we want to edit Spotlight.  
Caution:  Most of these portlets should not be edited and making changes will break your home page.

choose portlet


4) Add Text, image, links, whatever you'd like to your portlet.

edit portlet


5) Add a link (optional) and click save

portlet bottom


6) Once you click save, you'll go back to the manage portlets window.  Click save settings.



7) Click Return to see your page.



8) Force refresh your browser to see your changes.  NOTE:  It will take 10 minutes or so for the themed site to update because of caching.  Check back to see your changes.