How to Add a News Article on a SiteFarm Website

  1. Login. Click on the Shortcuts » Add content  tabs in the admin panel. The admin panel is located at the top of the website.
    Admin panel for SiteFarm
  2. Select Article from the list of contents.
    Article from content list
  3. Add a Title, Subtitle, or Byline for your news article.  Title is required, but subtitle and byline are optional.  If byline is left blank, the default view shows the date and the article author as the byline.  There are instructions below for removing the Author completely.
    screenshot of title, subtitle and byline boxes
  4. Use Body field to add the main content.
    body field or WYSIWYG interface

  5. Add an image
    Screenshot of add media dialog box

    PRO TIP: if you are adding a photo of someone already on the website, you can just search for their photo in the next dialog box.
  6. Then go to the Additional Option sidebar,
    Additional Options Sidebar on SiteFarm
  7. If you do not want your image to show at the top of your news item as a large image, check the "hide Primary Image" box.  You will still get your image as a thumbnail in lists
  8. If you do not want an author name to show with the news item, choose Authoring information and change the user to anonymous.  That will drop the author info.
  9. Then click on Categorizing
    Categorizing step for News Article

  10. This should default to News, but if it does not, choose News.
    Steps for Article Type

  11. Click Save and test your page.