Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud

Current prices through the campus license (as of 7/24/2023)

Adobe Creative Cloud Full Suite Named User 170.00
Adobe Creative Cloud Full Suite Device 170.00

All Creative Cloud licenses include Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Acrobat, and several additional applications. More information is available from Adobe:

The named user license can only be used by one user but can be activated on up to 2 computers. This would be appropriate for users who generally use the same computers full-time. These licenses are tied to a personal UCD email address.

The device license can be used by any user on a single device. This would be appropriate for lab machines that are used by many different people. The licenses are tied to the device and will require an Adobe ID.

A subscription is an annual commitment for the duration of the Adobe ETLA contract (current contract expires 7/2024) and only full suite purchases are available.

Please submit a ticket to LS IT to order