DirectRT Activation Request

With DirectRT you can quickly and easily create reaction time tasks that require precision timing. You will be able to easily obtain accurate high speed response input from keyboards, mice, joysticks, microphones and external hardware. Present sound, video, images and text with exacting precision.

Letters and Science IT has a department site license for DirectRT and MediaLab so it is available for use by our researchers in the Social Sciences departments on UCD owned equipment.

If the computer(s) on which you use DirectRT are on the CMB, Psychology, Political Science, or Communication networks, you should use IP-address-based licensing to activate DirectRT.

To use IP-address-based licensing:

  1. Download the DirectRT 2018 installer from the Empirisoft website (or from the SS IT Software Library in Box)
  2. Run the installer.
  3. Launch DirectRT
  4. If prompted for an activation code, enter 99999 (five nines).
  5. If you are on one of the allowed networks, DirectRT will be automatically activated.

If you are NOT on one of the networks listed above, you can follow this process to activate DirectRT:

To use the DirectRT activation license:

  1. Follow the directions above to download and install DirectRT
  2. Launch DirectRT.
  3. DirectRT will give you a code to use for authorization.
  4. Submit the code to LS IT using the form below.
  5. SS IT will work with Empirisoft to validate the authorization code, and send you the correct activation code. This process can take 1-2 business days (we have to email the authorization code to Empirisoft, and they have to reply with the activation code).
  6. When you receive the activation code, copy and paste it into DirectRT to activate.
Please provide your authorization code from DirectRT

Thanks to Psychology faculty members Deb Long and Cindy Pickett for their generous contributions toward this license.