Matlab from The MathWorks

Matlab for Research and Administration

The campus has an annual volume purchase agreement for Matlab. Under this agreement, there are two licensing options:

  • network licenses
  • standalone licenses

Network: The Mathworks offers a concurrent network licensing option for Matlab. With this licensing option, you can install Matlab on as many computers as you want, but you only need to purchase as many licenses as you will use at one time. For instance, if you have a research lab with 10 computers but you only have 3 researchers who use Matlab at the same time, you can install Matlab on all the computers, but you only need to purchase 3 licenses. The network license option is good for research labs and for people who use multiple computers. The only disadvantage to the network license option is that it requires that your computer have a network connection whenever you run Matlab (e.g., you will not be able to run Matlab if you don't have Internet connectivity).

Standalone: The other licensing option is for a standalone license. A standalone license can only be installed on one computer, and it does not require a network connection to run Matlab. This option is good for people who frequently work disconnected from the Internet, such as on computers holding protected data sets, frequent travelers, or people who do remote field work.

Pricing: The pricing negotiated by the campus for Matlab is $250 for either type of license.

Purchasing: If you DO want to purchase a network or standalone license, please submit a ticket.

Matlab for Student Use

Matlab is available to UC Davis undergraduate (NOT graduate) students for use in an instructional (class) context at no cost.

Students can visit this Mathworks portal to download Matlab and associated tools:

Note that this student instructional license is for use ONLY in an instructional context by undergraduate students and should not be used in a research context, e.g., by students working in research labs.