Ray Morgan Printer Drivers

Ray Morgan Printers


For LS IT-managed Windows computers on wired connections in our supported departments, the shared Ray Morgan printers should be automatically installed for you based on your computer and your group permissions.

For Mac computers, you will need to manually add the printers and you can follow these directions found in KB0008641 (https://kb.ucdavis.edu/?id=8641)

For Windows computers, directions to add printer manually (personal or wireless connections) can be found in KB0008643 (https://kb.ucdavis.edu/?id=8643)

If you still need assistance installing a shared networked printer, please contact the LS IT Service Desk at 530-752-8800 or email lshelp@ucdavis.edu.  Please provide the following information: the printer you are trying to access, Mac OS version or Windows, wired or wireless connection, the user (if it's someone other than the person reporting the issue.