Poster Printing

Poster Printing Instructions

Please fill out ALL requested information to avoid delays in printing your poster.

Please note that we do not reserve poster printing times. We print posters in the order that we receive the request complete with the file, recharge number and PI name. Submitting the request without the file does not hold your place in line. The best way to ensure that your poster is printed by your deadline is to submit the complete package at least one full business day before the deadline.

Please provide your UC Davis email address (so we know who this request came from).
Poster File to Print
Supported formats are .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, and .ai.
Note:  After selecting your file, you MUST still click the Upload Button to actually submit the file!


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Poster Size
Our poster paper is 42-inches wide. Our standard poster size is 42-inches by 56-inches. If you would like a different size, please specify Other and provide the desired size. Note that we do not provide trimming: you are responsible for trimming the paper to the correct dimension.
Select the location where you would prefer to pick up your poster.
When do you need this poster by? We typically need at lease one full business day.
Please provide the name of the PI or manager who has authority to authorize this purchase. (Leave blank if you are the approver).
Are there any special requirements for this poster?