Poster Printing

Poster Printing

LS IT offers poster printing on a recharge basis. This service is only available to affiliates of the Social Science Department.


  • The cost is $33 per poster.
  • Posters are printed poster paper that is 42 inches wide.
  • For most posters, the short dimension will be 42 inches, and the long dimension will be scaled accordingly.
    • While we can print smaller sizes, our paper is 42-inches wide. So you are responsible for cutting for smaller dimensions.
    • Third-party companies such as FedEx Office offer trimming services at an affordable rate, usually less than $5 per print. Reach out to the local FedEx Office location (313 F Street, Davis, CA) or your preferred copy shop for more details.
  • Please submit posters for printing at least one full business day in advance of when you need them.
  • Posters are printed first-come, first-served in the order that we receive ALL of the information needed for the print, including
    • a printable poster file,
    • an account to charge for the print, and
    • approval from someone with purchasing authority on the provided account.
  • We do not reserve time slots for printing.
  • We accept PDF and Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx) files.
  • Posters can be picked up at the DSS IT drop-in locations in 2235 Social Sciences & Humanities or 267 Cousteau Place.

Submitting a Poster Printing Request

Please submit all poster printing requests online.

Be sure to provide all of the required information.