Software Standards

This section lists our software standards and levels of support

Tier 1 Software: Full Support

Tier 1 software is software for which we provide full support, including license management, installation, troubleshooting, patching, upgrades, and application support.

For all applications and operating systems, only actively maintained versions are supported.

Tier 2 Software

Tier 2 Software

Licenses for these research and specialty packages are typically available at a significant discount (and some are available for free).


Tier 3 Software: Minimum Standards

Tier 3 software is any software that meets the minimum requirements outlined here. Tier 3 software is supported on a best-effort basis. Updates and Patches

Applications on network-connected computers and applications that deal with sensitive or protected data must be actively supported by patches and updates to address security issues, either by the vendor or through community efforts. 


Applications that are protected by software licenses must be legally licensed for use.